Thanks for stepping forward to be a team captain. It’s a key role but without you doing this we would not be able to play our game. The role can present a number of challenges but usually these are far exceeded by the the buzz playing hockey with a great group of players.

A successful team is always one that is well organised off the pitch as well as on it. We recognise this and provide as much support as possible to make your captaincy as pain free as possible. You are not alone as a team captain and you can always ask a more experienced captain or other Club members who have been captains previously for guidance. It’s also worth highlighting that there are a large number of other volunteers who do things behind the scenes who are also part of your team. Check out the Committees/People page.

Playing Committee

You will sit on the Playing Committee which is chaired this year by Sturdy. It brings together all Club volunteers who are involved, directly or indirectly, in the delivery of Club hockey. This group meets regularly through the season.

Leading & managing your team

The Club provides all the detailed information you will need to lead and manage your team off the pitch. We do this in two ways using Checklists and by a one-off email to Captains that contains all the information you need to know:

  1. Checklists – valuable support for team admin – pre-match, pitch-side, after the match and in the Clubhouse.
  2. Captain’s email – covers the things you must do and when these need to be done by. This is more sensitive information that we can’t share here. It will be updated as new information becomes available.
Young People in Your team – Safeguarding

You will, almost certainly, have young players aged under 18 years playing in your team. As a Club we have set out the safeguarding practices and procedures you must follow to ensure that they will be safe and protected and that their teammates and others they come into contact with conduct themselves appropriately.

Reporting an incident/accident

To report an incident or accident affecting one of your players use the Club Incident/Accident Reporting form.

Club Emergency Safety procedures.

The Rules of Hockey

Indoor (2015 version)

Outdoor (2017 version)