The following Q&A covers the most common questions we’re asked the most.

Q. How do I join the Club?
A. Check out our Join us page to find all the information you will need.

Q. What kit do I need to play hockey?
A. You will need the following kit and equipment:

  • Gumshield (mandatory)
  • Shinpads (mandatory) – full size to cover the full shin
  • Protective glove(s) according to personal preference
  • Hockey Stick – we have some sticks that can be borrowed to help get you started
  • Water bottle
  • Clean trainers/hockey shoes – suitable for astroturf
  • Shorts/Skort/Skirt – most youngsters wear this kit all year round
  • Warm clothing – tracksuit/waterproof jacket. If it’s cold, wear layers to be most flexible. For tournaments wear a warm underlayer, club shirt, shorts/skort and socks.
  • Sunscreen, as necessary
  • Inhaler or other medication, as necessary
  • Lunch and snacks, as necessary, for tournaments.

Q. What do I need to bring to play in a Club Junior Team?
A.  As above, plus your stick and a match/tournament fee. The Club will provide a team shirt or bib and/or full goalkeeper kit.

Q. What Club Junior team will I play in?
A.  Boys and girls will play in the following age group teams based on School year groups. Note that the rules on which year group a junior is eligible for are different for England Hockey’s Player Pathway.

School YearAge group
Year 12 & 13Under 18s
Year 10 & 11Under 16s
Years 8 & 9Under 14s
Years 6 & 7Under 12s
Year 5 & belowUnder 10s

Q. What age group would my child be in under the England Hockey Player Pathway?
A. England Hockey use year of birth rather than school year to determine the relevant age group.

Year of Birth2017-20182018-20192019-2020

Q. What arrangements does the Club have in place to safeguard and protect me?
A. Read the information here which explains what we do and who you can contact for advice and guidance.

Q. Where can I find out more about developing my hockey skills?

A. Speak with your coach. There is a lot of advice and guidance on-line at England Hockey’s Junior section. Hockey camps run locally and nationally in school holidays.

Q. Can my child attend senior training?
A. Attendance at senior training (Men’s and Ladies’) is by invitation only. Speak with your coach if you have any questions. Juniors invited to attend senior training are also expected to attend Junior Academy training on Sunday AM and to play in their age group team.

Q. Will my child be selected to play in their favourite position in tournaments/matches?
A.  Our policy is to rotate players between positions to support their development across all the Club’s junior teams. As we saw at the Rio Olympics, a hockey team is dependent on the strength of the squad. The way the roll-on/roll-off substitutions work in today’s fast flowing game means that players have to be able to play anywhere on the pitch as their team mates spend a short amount of time on the sidelines taking a breather before returning to the field of play.

Q. I want to be a goalkeeper. Does the Club have Junior kit?
A. We encourage all our juniors to have a go at playing in goal. We have high quality kit available for all our junior goalkeepers. This will be provided by your Team Managers at tournaments.

Q. Do you have information on the England Hockey Player Pathway (formerly Single System) in Devon?
A. Yes. The Devon Junior Hockey website should answer all your questions.

Q. I would like to attend the England Hockey Player Pathway in Devon, how do I do this?
A. Nominations can come from the Club, School or directly by a player’s parent/carer. We intend to nominate players at DC/AC levels at the season end to ensure that players and their parents are well prepared and can complete the necessary admin in good time to start in the following September.


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