Ladies’ fixtures & results

Ladies’ 3rds vs 4ths – 23rd Sep 2017


2020/21 season


Non-league Fixtures
competitiondateH/Atime & venuefixture
pitch slot booked26/9/20H1100 Otterypitch for 3rds/4ths
pitch slot booked26/9/20H1230 Otterypitch for 1sts/2nds
Friendly3/10/20AtbaOkehampton v SOHC
Friendly3/10/20H1215 SidmouthSOHC 2 v Ashmoor
Friendly 3/10/20H1030 SidmouthSOHC 3 v Ashmoor 2
Friendly3/10/20AtbaIsca & Uni 6 v SOHC 4
Friendly10/10/20AtbaWhite Eagles v SOHC
Friendly10/10/20AtbaWhite Eagles 2 v SOHC 2/3
Friendly10/10/20AtbaWhite Eagles 3 v SOHC 4
Friendly17/10/20AtbaTavistock v SOHC
Friendly17/10/20H1330 OtterySOHC 2 v Okehampton 2
Friendly17/10/20H1145 OtterySOHC 3 v Dart 2
Friendly 17/10/20H1000 OtterySOHC 4 v Hon Hornets
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League Fixtures/Results

WCWHL Final League Tables 2019-20 (All Divisions)

2020-21 League Fixtures (planning for 24/10/2020 start).

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