Code of behaviour

The Club’s Code of Ethics & Behaviour (in full) applies to all members. The aim of the Code is to set out the minimum standards of behaviour and conduct in order to promote fair play and respect in a safe environment for all training and match participants, our volunteers, coaches, parents and spectators.

Every applicant to the Club joining via Pitchero acknowledges that they have read and will adhere to the Code.

The Club has a Disciplinary policy that describes the Club’s arrangements for managing contraventions of our Code of Behaviour.

Code of Behaviour (in brief)
  • Commit to play every week – your team needs you
  • Always set a positive example for others, particularly for young participants and spectators. This includes behaviour and the use of bad language that is appropriate in the company of young people
  • Commitment to training builds not only skills and fitness but team spirit. Training is the place to improve personal skills and to be noticed by Club coaches. Regular attendance also boosts your team selection chances
  • Do not presume you will be selected when you do not attend training
  • If a player is unsure about the team they are playing in, or arrangements for the game – contact your captain – be pro-active!
  • Use Pitchero Club app to show your availability – for training and matches
  • Be well prepared; turn up to play with:
    • Covid-19 related hand sanitiser and a face mask when travelling away
    • Personal protective equipment (e.g. gum shield, shin protection hand protection, protective face mask for penalty corners etc.)
    • Club kit – Club shirt, shorts/skirt and socks
    • Personal medication, e.g. asthma inhaler
  • Arrive at the arranged “meet” punctually. If you expect to be, or are, delayed contact your team captain straightaway. Late arrival at the match venue will affect the team’s preparation and potentially the outcome of the game.
During the Match
  • Under the Rules of Hockey, the Team Captain is responsible for the conduct of their team before, during and after the game. Players MUST NOT put their Team Manager/Captain under pressure through their poor behaviour or attitude – before, during or after the game
  • Treat others involved in the game with respect remembering to treat opposition players as you would expect them to treat you
  • Remember the game cannot take place without the presence of two umpires. They have volunteered so that you can play. Never show dissent or argue with their decision. It is against the spirit of the game and will disadvantage your team when you spend time on the side of the pitch
  • If you have a query, channel this through your captain to approach the umpire at half time or after the game
  • Do not criticise, swear at or belittle your team-mates. Every player has an off day. Be positive – support and respect your team-mates
  • Set a positive example for others. This includes considering your behaviour and using language that is appropriate in the company of young people and their parents.
  • Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, with dignity
  • Always thank the match officials and opposition players after the game. Do this in a way that is Covid-19 safe
  • Show your gratitude to Club volunteers who have made your training or match possible – it doesn’t take much effort and it’s always appreciated!
  • The Club ensures that our tea venues are suitable and safe for everyone. In the spirit of sportsmanship and to build team spirit, always join your team-mates and the opposition for tea. Parents are requested to pick up their junior player after tea
  • Pay match fees on match day each week. All match fees will be collected through Pitchero. Paying your match fee on time allows the Club to function
  • Always enter your availability on Pitchero
  • Match reports for the local press and social media should be written in a way that respects all match participants – umpires, players and coaches.
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