Club Kit

The Club previously used SiverFx to offer us a wide range of sports kit branded with the Club logo and options to personalise with name/initials. Unfortunately SilverFx have been put into insolvency and the Club is checking out the options. Please watch this space for updates.

England Hockey’s guidance is that no equipment is to be shared due to Covid-19. We will therefore only be providing personal protection loan equipment for our goalkeepers.


We have had to make important changes to our arrangements for senior teams’ Club shirts for Covid-19 related reasons. There are x4 options:

  1. Buy your own new Club shirt (please await updated advice).
  2. Buy a Club shirt from the Club’s existing very limited stock of used shirts – a £5 bargain from your team captain. We only have approx x25 men’s and x25 ladies’ shirts available for this option. First come, first served.
  3. Season loan. Loan a number shirt from your team captain during the season. Return it after the team’s last match. If the shirt is not returned at this time, the Club will invoice the player for the full replacement cost.
  4. Occasional Players. Borrow a shirt on a match-by-match basis. Team captains have a small number of shirts for this purpose.

If you still have a Club shirt from last season – please return it to the Club without delay. We cannot afford to lose any shirts!


We play in black Club shirts with orange and green detail, black shorts/skorts/skirt and plain black socks. We do not currently have a Club shirt sponsor.

Men’s shirt


Ladies’ shirt

Some items of kit can be personalised with a member’s name on the back (including playing shirts) and initials (including shorts/skorts). There will be a small charge a small fee for this.

We have recently agreed to keep the current Club colours going forward to ensure members get value for money if we change our kit suppliers in the future.

Colour clash. Captains should contact our Kit Officer for an alternative set of shirts or numbered bibs. It may be necessary to also change sock colour. This is a player responsibility directed by the team captain.

Personal protection equipment

There is a degree of risk when playing any sport. We therefore strongly advise players to take all necessary steps to protect themselves. This is a personal decision for adults and a decision made by parents on behalf of our members under U18 years of age.

The use of gum-shields, shin pads and gloves in general play and face masks for personal protection are recommended when defending at penalty corners.

Personal protection equipment can be obtained from all good hockey equipment retailers.

Personal insurance should be considered by all our members to meet their individual needs.


The Club can provide full protective kits for its goalkeepers – senior and junior. This equipment is loaned with clear instructions to ensure Covid-19 related hygiene.

A goalkeeper may want to purchase their own kit. The Club recognises that goalkeeping equipment is a significant investment and, as a result, does not collect an annual membership subscription from keepers who own and use their own kit.

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