To join the Club, please complete our Membership Registration Form (found here) and email it to our Membership Sec.

Please see the Club Info section to find out more about the Club. On the Club Documents page, find the Membership Subs & Match Fees which includes all the Benefits of Membership.

Membership Subs 2020-2021
Students in full-time education & apprentices£61
Juniors playing senior league matches£61
Rusty & Recreational£46
Family membership10% reduction (See note)

Note: 10% reduction for dependant children of families with more than one child.

Match Fees 2020-2021
Students & juniors playing senior league matches£5
Juniors playing junior tournaments£3.50

Details of our Club kit

Club liability and optional personal accident insurance.

If you still have any questions about joining us, please email our Membership Sec.

Renewing Members

All renewing members will receive an email (sent to to your registered email address) from our Membership Secretary, via Teamer, which sets out the arrangements to renew your membership in the early weeks of the season, well ahead of the renewals deadline of 31st October annually. If in doubt, contact our Membership Secretary.

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