Sidmouth & Ottery Hockey Club welcomes any new umpires, young, not so young and mature/senior! With our EH-accredited Club Umpire Developer and several experienced umpires, we are well placed to offer support to all umpires through mentoring, coaching or guidance. While most wish to remain as “club umpires”, the options on progression to take on neutral (appointed) games or entering one of the West Area Umpires’ Pools will be fully explained, with guidance offered about the path forward.

Upcoming fixtures requiring Club umpires
datetime & venuefixtureumpires
SEPT 2022
TBAfriendlies TBA
table 30
Match Info required by team captains – guidelines for umpires.
Team captains (home and away) will soon be expected to complete online Match Team Sheets/Match Report Forms and they will require some game stats from the umpires after the final whistle.
Umpires are not duty bound to record times of goals or scorers shirt-numbers – but in order to help our own team captains with this post-match admin task, please try to keep a legible record the following “significant events” during the game:
Each GOAL scored, with the time (minutes – but doesn’t need to be spot-on), type of goal (FG = field goal, PC = penalty corner, PS = penalty stroke).
Each CARD  issued (G, Y and R) together with shirt number/team of the carded player plus the time the card was issued.
The FINAL SCORE (please confirm this to both team captains)
Please also add:
Names of both umpires (no signature required)
Date (for your own reference).
After the final whistle, both umps should confer briefly to double-check/confirm the event details and the final score. I suggest that the more legible written record of the two should then be made available for either team captain to photograph if required. Please keep your own copy of the match record for a couple of weeks before disposing of it.

Please complete your registration on the GMS (as an Official) as soon as possible  England Hockey require all umpires to be members of the EHO via the Game Management System and you will need to be registered to become eligible to umpire any fixture other than friendly games.

(you can firstly check out this EH link to read a summary of the EHO, explaining some of the options open to you).

Please start the EHO registration process by going to:

  1. Click the “Register” button.
  2. Select “Officiating”.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and submit for a verification code to be emailed to you (if you are not already registered with the Officiating Management System).
  4. In the Form, select your Primary and Secondary Area Branches as appropriate. Your Primary Area Branch should be the one where you wish to either undertake the majority of independent umpiring opportunities or receive support with your Officiating (West Area for SOHC). 
  5. Complete the rest of your details as requested.
  6. Select the appropriate membership category – suggest Bronze Membership (this is FREE).
  7. Hit Send.

If your registration is successful, you should receive an acknowledgement email from England Hockey.

If you have any problems or questions, please e-mail


England Hockey Officiating Club (EHO)

England Hockey GMS login/registration form

Instructions: umpire’s radio/headset (downloads a Word document)

Online England Hockey Umpiring Courses

England Hockey Online Training Hub (officiating)

Rules of Hockey 2019

Online Rules Familiarisation (informal easy test)

EH statement on Rule Changes (2019)

Red Card/ MMO Report Form (downloads a Word document)

Red Card & MMO Regulations (opens a pdf document)

SOHC Affiliated Umpires (list)
umpireEH umpire awardremarksstatus
Rob CannLevel 3NPUAactive
Charlie PritchardLevel 2Pool (West)active
Rob StampLevel 2Pool (West)active
Aidan WildayLevel 2Pool (West)active
Peter RiderLevel 1Pool (DHUA/West)active
David AcklandLevel 1active
Mike DuttonLevel 1Club Umpire Developeractive
Gus McVeyLevel 1active
Guy RudolphLevel 1active
Terry WaldenLevel 1occasional
Maggie HealLevel 1W 4 player-umpireactive
Karen DuttonLevel 1W 3 player-umpireactive
Jack EllisonLevel 1M 1 player-umpireactive
Steve EllisonLevel 1M 3/4 player-umpireactive
Jon HextLevel 1M 1 player-umpireactive
Jon MutterLevel 1M 2 player-umpireactive
Sophie BrewerLevel 1 unassessedW 3 player-umpireactive (new 06/01/22)
George PowellLevel 1M 1/2 player-umpiresemi-active
Paul BakerLevel 1M 4 player-umpiredormant
Simon BakerLevel 1M 1 player-umpiredormant
Euan WebberLevel 1 un-assessedM 2/3 player-umpiresemi-active
table 35

N.B. Umpires’ EH Registration numbers can be obtained from Mike Dutton.

The following non-playing umpires have been granted Honorary Membership of the Club: Rob Cann, Charlie Pritchard, Rob Stamp, Aidan Wilday, David Ackland, Gus McVey, Guy Rudolph, Terry Walden, Mike Dutton & Peter Rider.

Aspiring Umpires: Simon Olive,  Jennie Stogdon, Becky Davies, Dan Weedon, Roisin Turley, Charlie Piper & Will Harris.


Our Club’s need for new umpires is becoming increasingly urgent. it is too often been a real struggle to find sufficient umpires, especially for those Saturdays when we have the full four home fixtures to cover. Mike Dutton is reluctant to ask any of our teams to find an umpire (or two) from their squad but, as things stand, that is likely to happen soon – possibly with penalties imposed on the Club (if an ineligible umpire is used in a League game).

These days it’s quick and relatively painless to get yourself qualified: England Hockey currently offers plenty of online Umpiring Courses, including Level 1 Umpiring Courses (minimum age 14) and a few Introduction to Umpiring Courses. For full details on registration for a course, please go to:

Times of the Level 1 courses vary (morning, afternoon or evening) and they last just 90 minutes, after which you come away with a Level 1 (unassessed) Umpiring Certificate. Job done! Be aware that the courses are currently filling up quickly after they become available, but you can join a “waiting list” if a course is full. Cost of the course (see below) can later be claimed back from the Club.

Following qualification Mike Dutton makes it his business to manage further development as an umpire for the club – the pace of that development would be whatever best suits your needs and aspirations. Your playing commitments would always come first.

Additional information on England Hockey courses:

The Level I Umpiring Course (£30) is designed for anyone who is going to be umpiring the 11-a-side game and is delivered fully online, with a Level 1 (unassessed) Umpiring Certificate to show for it afterwards. Attendees must be at least 14 years old. Our Club remains committed to a policy of offering to reimburse the full cost of the course after a minimum of five competitive games have been umpired. – and there’s no time limit.

• You will need to complete the Online rules familiarisation test before attending (takes about 50 mins or as long as you like, with breaks, and it’s impossible to fail)

The course is made up of 4 modules:

o The game from a players’ perspective

o The role of the umpire

o Player management

o Preparation and planning the next steps

• After you’ve attended the course you will receive your Level 1 Unassessed Umpire’s Certificate.

Umpire Developer Course (£10 ONLY). Attendees must be at least 18 years old.

Introduction to Umpiring Course (£10 ONLY). Attendees must be at least 12 years old.

For further advice or any questions, please contact Mike Dutton.

Allocation of club umpires 
Umpire Training Modules (England Hockey). 

All umpires are encouraged to follow the link below where you’ll find  new online training modules. These intended primarily for new and inexperienced umpires and combine quite a number of video clips with some clear, concise guidance and explanation. Following the successful completion of a short test, users can also download a certificate of awareness. Rules education and testing is now available. Please go to England Hockey Online Training Hub (officiating) –where you can try some of the Umpire Development Modules such as:

Roles & Responsibilities, Communication Styles or Conflict Management.

N. B. To access the EH Hockey Hub, you will need to be registered and log in first. Registration is free and takes only a minute or two, just email address and password required.

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