Rules of Hockey 2019

EH statement on Rule Changes

Peter Hammond’s reading of the 2019 changes here

Umpiring courses around the country (EH website)


This is what you need to do to ‘Return to Play” safely as a Club hockey participant – player, coach, umpire, team manager or volunteer.

The final stage (Step 5) needed from England Hockey for the start of League hockey is awaited. Step 5 allows full league games to go ahead.

Please read England Hockey’s Guidance to Umpires.

And please be aware of the Selected guidance notes and Risk Analysis from DHUA.

Upcoming fixtures requiring Club umpires
datetimes & venuesfixturesumpires
26/09/201100 Otteryintra-club (ladies)two umps please
26/09/201230 Otteryintra club (ladies)two umps please
26/09/201400 Otteryintra-club (men)two umps please
26/09/201530 Otteryintra-club (men)two umps please
3/10/201330 OtteryMen v Bridgwaterpossible appointed umps
3/10/201515 OtteryMen B v Bridgwater Btwo umps please
3/10/201030 SidmouthLadies 3 v Ashmoor 2two umps please
3/10/201215 SidmouthLadies 2 v Ashmoor two umps please
10/10/201215 Ottery
1400 Ottery
1530 Ottery
1330 Sidmouth
Men A v East Devon A/B
Men B v East Devon B/C
Men C v East Devon C/D
Men v East Devon
two umps please
two umps please
two umps please
possible appointed umps
17/10/20Sidmouth tbcup to 2x Men's friendlies v ECVHup to four umps tbc
17/10/201145 OtteryLadies 3 v Dart 2two umps please
17/10/201330 OtteryLadies 2 v Okehampton 2two umps please
17/10/201000 OtteryLades 4 v Hon Hornetsone ump please
Devon Cup
1300 SidmouthMen v Okehamptonpossible appointed umps
table 30

N.B. fixtures with asterisk (*) by the time are suitable for Level 1 un-assessed umps

SOHC Affiliated Umpires
seq no.umpireumpire awardremarks
1Rob CannLevel 3NPUA
2Charlie PritchardLevel 2Pool (DHUA / West)
3Rob StampLevel 2Pool (DHUA / West)
4Peter RiderLevel 1Pool (DHUA)
5David AcklandLevel 1
6Ian DavisLevel 1
7Mike DuttonLevel 1
8Maggie HealLevel 1
9Gus McVeyLevel 1
10Guy RudolphLevel 1
11Karen DuttonLevel 1player-umpire
12Jack EllisonLevel 1player-umpire
13Steve EllisonLevel 1player-umpire
14John HextLevel 1player-umpire
15Jon MutterLevel 1player-umpire
16George PowellLevel 1player-umpire
17Paul BakerLevel 1player-umpire
18Simon BakerLevel 1player-umpire
19Alice PleaseLevel 1 un-assessedplayer-umpire
20Eddie RudolphLevel 1 un-assessedplayer-umpire
21Euan WebberLevel 1 un-assessedplayer-umpire
22Alex MitchelLevel 2occasional visitor

N.B. Umpires’ EH Registration numbers can be obtained from Mike Dutton; you can text Mike on 07488 287257.

The following non-playing umpires have been granted Honorary Membership of the Club: Rob Cann, Charlie Pritchard, Rob Stamp, David Ackland, Gus McVey, Guy Rudolph, Maggie Heal, Mike Dutton, Ian Davis & Peter Rider.

Aspiring Umpires: Simon Olive,  Jennie Stogdon, Becky Davies, Dan Weedon, Roisin Turley, Charlie Piper & Will Harris.

Allocation of umpires
Umpiring Courses & EH online learning modules.
EH Rule Changes 2019
Entering umpired games on the Devon Hockey website
Umpiring Opportunities at the Club (link coming soon)