Please take time to read what you need to do and know to play hockey safely. This applies to all Club hockey participants – players (incl. parents of U18s), coaches, umpires and volunteers. 


With the ending of most of the legal restrictions relating to COVID-19 certain things within hockey can change. Particularly, the removal of restrictions on the number of people who can gather together indoors or outdoors and the need to maintain social distancing.

England Hockey (EH) have set out some requirements which we must continue. These are solely related to having a registered Covid-19 Officer within the Club. Contact details. Bruno Lecompte has very kindly agreed to be the main Covid-19 Officer supported by Judy Micklethwait. All other Covid-19 specific procedures such as completion of the EH Participation Agreement, reporting cases within the Club to EH and other Clubs are no longer a mandatory requirement.

Senior training and/or Senior league hockey and/or Rustys. Contact – Bruno Lecompte, 07563 974474 – email.

Junior Academy – training or teams. Contact – Judy Micklethwait, 07511 303530 – email.

Even though Covid-19 arrangements are easing, our aim as a Club is to do our level best to ensure we manage Covid-19 related risks so we can all be confident about playing hockey next season in a safe environment.

To that end, there are a number of procedures and practices we will continue because they can help to minimise the risk and because they are good practice regardless of the current situation. These are:

· Members must still report to the Club Covid-19 Officer if they develop symptoms, have a positive test result or a member of their household has symptoms/a positive test result. The guidance around close contacts having to isolate will be changing on 16th August so government guidance on the above may also change, however please use your common sense and avoid introducing a risk to others.

· To continue with registers for all training sessions and matches. This will help manage and record attendance and will support Covid-19 track and trace.

· For all members to self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms before attending any hockey activity, and not attend if they are unwell or anyone they live with has symptoms. Basically, if you unwell we would encourage folk to stay home until they are recovered!

· We will retain the following arrangements:

o the use of stick taps/elbow bumps as an alternative to shaking hands

o no spitting on the pitch as this increases the risks of infection.

o respect other participants’ personal space – players and officials. This recognises that not everyone is comfortable being in close (less than 2m) proximity.

o Do not shout in closely proximity to other people.

o Continue to avoid sharing kit. Where it is not possible Club kit should be sanitised between users and anything regularly touched should be sanitised at regular intervals.

o Off the pitch the use of face coverings in crowded or enclosed settings, including where car sharing, is encouraged.

· Players are to respect all venue protocols for our home venues and away matches.

· Spectators are permitted within the pitch environment at all home venues. They should adhere to local arrangements at away venues.

· At all venues spectators must stand away from the “busy” player dug-outs and respect others’ personal space. At Ottery, in particular, please consider whether you need to be inside the fence.

Managing Covid-19 remains a key element of our risk assessment and is something to which we pay particular attention.

We look forward to a safe and uninterrupted season.


Club Chair, Sidmouth & Ottery HC

14th August 2021

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