Captains’ checklists

It is a good idea to go through the checklist until you’re happy you’ve got everything sorted. The actions below vary slightly between home and away games.

Checklist Yes/No
Understand what it means for you and your team to be Covid-19 safe. Read details.
Umpires are allocated by our Umpire Development Officer (Mike Dutton). He also contacts any appointed umps to confirm
Use Pitchero Manager to make your player selection.
Ensure you speak with players moving to a different team in/out
Team shirts and potential colour clashes. Ensure your team is aware of their options to acquire/use a Club shirt. Check the Captain's Guide to help you. If you are playing away, it is your responsibility to change colours. Remember your set of numbered bibs
Mobile phone with Pitchero Manager app
First aid kit - with additional Covid-19 sanitiser and basic PPE (masks). This is only for use by you or a single nominated team member.
Warm up balls
Match ball (and spare)
No cash payments for subs or fees. This is due to the risk of Covid-19 transmission.
Complete match details on England Hockey GMS

* Fixt Sec will normally receive confirmation from opposition for our teams’ away fixtures; these will be passed on to team captains. Fixt Sec also confirms home fixtures with visiting teams, copying to team captains.

Take a roll call of your players and team coach using the Pitchero Manager app
Welcome opposition & invite for tea (assuming we're offering)
Check pitch is safe and ready to play - including moving all inactive goals
Check goals and nets
Team shirts. Collect shirts from occasional players. Ask them to place directly in the plastic bag you will have brought for dirty shirts.
First aid kit - with Covid-19 sanitiser and masks
Meet and greet umpires and invite for tea (assuming we're offering)
Ask appointed umpires for his/her "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) contact name & Phone number - in the event that they are injured/ill during the game.
If umpire(s) are not coming back for tea - make sure they complete the Match Card (Men)/Match Report Sheet (Ladies)
If there is a match immediately after yours, ensure that all teams know to vacate the playing area ASAP after your game has finished
After the match
Opposition to complete Match Card (Men)/Match Report Sheet (Ladies)
Umpires sign match card. Umpire reg number required for Men's League games
Enter score on League website (see Captains' email)
Offer Match Card/Match Report Sheet to opposition to photo
Photo Match Card/Match Report Sheet and send legible email to appropriate league contact (See Captains' email)
Keep Match Card/Match Report Sheet safe until the end of the season
Collect match fees/membership fees - using card machine and complete Finance Book.
Drivers - e-transfer
Write Match Report - do not make any derogatory comments about players or officials. Code of behaviour. Send to Andy Coley email for the Sidmouth Herald and Facebook
Write Match Report - not not make any derogatory comments about players or officials. Code of behaviour. Send to Andy Coley email for the Sidmouth Herald and Facebook
Make sure your team is aware of the Pitchero Club app which will be used by the Club for team management and communication - training attendance, player availability, team selection and messaging. It replaces Teamer.
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