Captains’ checklists

It is a good idea to go through the checklist until you are happy you’ve got everything sorted. The actions below vary slightly between home and away games. The final checklist below refers to the Ottery Clubhouse.

Checklist Yes/No
Umpires are allocated (Mike Dutton, who also contacts any appointed umps to confirm)
* Contact made by the visiting team captain/by you to opposition if playing away
Player selection made and cross checked with other captains against list of available players
Selected players informed, including those moving to a different team
First team playing at Ottery collect all teas from The Crusty Cob in Ottery (on the Town square) before 2pm. Later teams coordinate preparation of teas.
Keys and security codes for Clubhouse
Team shirts
First aid kit
Warm up balls
Match ball (and spare)
Captain's Match Day Book
Match Report Form (Men's)
Match Report Sheet (Ladies')
Complete matchcard(s) - Match number (Men's)/(Ladies'), first & last names, shirt numbers (pitchside)

* Fixt Sec will normally confirm with opposition when our team is playing away; incoming confirmation from teams visiting us may go direcly to relavent team captain, or to Fixt Sec (who will forward to captain).

Welcome opposition & invite for tea
Check pitch is safe and ready to play
Check goals and nets
Team shirts
First aid kit
Meet and greet umpires and invite for tea
Ask umpire for his/her In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact name & Phone number - in the event that they are injured/ill during the game
Opposition complete match card (if not coming back for tea)
If umpire(s) are not coming back for tea - make sure they complete the Match Card (Men)/Match Report Form (Ladies)
After match
Opposition to complete Match Card (Men)/Match Report Form (Ladies)
Umpires sign match card
Men: Enter score on League website (see Captain's email)
Ladies: Phone or text in match result result (see Captain's email)
Offer Match Card/Match Report Form to opposition to photo
Photo Match Card/Match Report Form and send legible email to appropriate league contact (See Captains' email)
Keep Match Card/Match Report Form safe until the end of the season
Collect match fees/membership fees
For away matches, pay drivers
At Ottery Clubhouse
On arrival at Clubhouse:
Switch on glass washer and water heater in kitchen
Switch on oven and warm food
Set up bar and till
On leaving Clubhouse:
Collect all team shirts for washing
Drain and switch off glass washer
Last team of day secure bar area and close door
Switch off water heater above sink in kitchen
Switch off cooker at the wall
Ensure freezer in kitchen and fridges in bar are left switched on
Secure all windows (Including kitchen, toilets and changing rooms) and fire door
Secure all internal and external doors
Switch off all lights - internal and external and wall heaters
Write a match report for the Sidmouth Herald and email a copy for the Club website
Lock front door (check it's locked x2) and walk round building to check it is secure