We welcome your support, and we encourage spectators to support our junior and senior teams at our home venues at Sidmouth and Ottery Leisure Centres every Saturday through the season (Sep-Mar/Apr). When you “get the bug” you may wish to support us “on the road” at junior tournaments and at senior league games. We play many of our games within 25 miles of Exeter and there is no charge for admission!

There are usually two or three games at each home venue each Saturday – Ladies usually play in the morning and the Men’s teams in the afternoon. A game lasts for 70 mins, with a 5 minute half-time break. If you want to follow us, check out our next fixtures (bottom of the page) or look ahead to our fixtures programme for our Men’s and Ladies’ teams.

We publish our match reports in the Sidmouth Herald.

Health & Safety

Please refer to our Covid-19 page – this has been updated in line with the latest guidance from England Hockey.

We need to give you a tedious health and safety warning! In addition to the risks for those playing hockey, spectating at a hockey match carries some risks. Spectators are close to the pitch and this brings a small risk of collision with players and also from stray balls, etc. Spectators are therefore advised that when they attend a Club hockey match, they do so at their own risk! And please ensure that youngsters are adequately protected and controlled.

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