Minor Rule changes (2022/23)

The minor changes are indicated  in bold typeface.
Rule 4.2
Field players:
are permitted to wear a smooth preferably transparent or single coloured face mask or metal grill face mask, which follows the contours of the face, when defending a penalty corner or penalty stroke. Players should remove their penalty corner equipment as soon as they are able to do so after the penalty corner is completed. If no suitable opportunity to remove equipment arises, they can continue to wear it whilst they are within the 23m area without penalty. All players must remove all protective equipment before they leave the 23m area or when instructed to by the umpire.
Rule 9.10
Players must not approach within 5 metres of an opponent receiving a falling raised ball until it has been received, controlled and is on the ground. The ball may be intercepted within 5 metres but outside of playing distance provided it is done safely. The initial receiver has a right to the ball. If it is not clear which player is the initial receiver, the player of the team which raised the ball must allow the opponent to receive it.
Additional notes.
Rule 4.2 was changed to allow for defending players using Penalty Corner protective equipment to continue to play the ball outside the circle after intercepting during the taking of a penalty corner. Players can now continue to run with the ball while keeping their protective equipment on, but they must remove that same equipment immediately after the first opportunity to do so and always inside the 23 m area. No player using PC protective 6 equipment can play the ball outside the 23 m area at any time.
Rule 9.10 was changed to allow for the playing of what is commonly designated as Aerial Balls. The previous text did cover for the possibility for players to safely intercept a falling ball, which is now seen as both legitimate and positive to the development of the game. Aerial Balls will continue to be closely monitored by all stakeholders so that player safety can be maintained.
Mike Dutton.
Club Umpire Developer.
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