This is an area where you must be sharp. All match fees will be registered on, and collected through, Pitchero.

These can be requested before or after the game. The member will receive a request to pay through their Pitchero account.

Club’s Membership Subscription & Match Fees policy is a “must read”.

Match Fees must be collected from every player on match day at the rates set in the policy document.

  • You must collect fees from all players. The rates are set on Pitchero so, simply select the right amount relative to their membership category.
  • If a player is only going to be playing a few games in the season you must collect a higher fee per match. This includes consideration for annual subscriptions. Our rates are detailed in the Club Membership Subscription and Fees Policy.
  • Players that drove should claim back their expenses using the Expenses Reclaim Form and send it the Club Treasurer, Kieran Daniels, in accordance with the Club Administration of Match Day Finances policy
  • Check that everyone has paid from the previous match BEFORE you select them for the next match, and CHASE them if they have not paid. You can do this in three ways:
    • Speak to them
    • Request the payment again
    • Send them a message through Picthero
  • If players do not pay their match fees promptly attempt to understand why. As a last resort, you should not select a player for the next game until arrangements are in place for the debt to be recovered.

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