This is an area where you must be sharp. The Club has provided you with a Captain’s Match Fees book. Using this will make your life much easier.

You must enter all monies received – annual subs and match fees when it is received. This book is an accountable document and must be kept safe.

Club’s Membership Subscription & Match Fees policy is a “must read”.

Match Fees must be collected from every player on match day at the rates set in the policy document.

  • You must collect fees from all players
  • If a player is only going to be playing a few games in the season you must collect a higher fee per match. This includes consideration for annual subscriptions. Our rates are detailed in the Club Membership Subscription and Fees Policy.
  • You must account for the match fees collected and must pass them on a monthly basis to our Treasurer, Sam Parkyn in accordance with the Club Administration of Match Day Finances Policy.
  • It’s best to bring the money and completed tear-off Match Day Fees Book pages to the Playing Committee monthly and to hand them to one of the Executive Committee members.
  • Expenditure – most only for driving costs – must be accounted for in the same way using the rates in the Club’s Driving to Matches policy using the Captain’s book. Record the drivers’ names in the book.
  • Players that drove must have their match fee (income) and the payment made for driving costs (expenditure) recorded clearly in the Captain’s Match Fee book. This will help keep the Treasurer on your side!
  • If you are handed membership forms, please forward these to the Club Membership Secretary without delay.
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