Parent/carer basic hockey admin

The following information will help parents/carers to help their child prepare to train or play in a competitive event with the Club:

  • Please ensure your child is punctual, appropriately dressed and in possession of their playing equipment so they can make the most of each session
  • Go here if you want to know more about kit and clothing
  • If you are “dropping your child off” please check that the session will run as programmed and that you physically check that your child is registered before you leave the site. This is so that we can account for every child in our care
  • You are most welcome to stay to watch the progress being made by your child. Please try to arrive on time or even early so you can watch your child progress
  • If you wish to withdraw your child from a session whilst it is in progress, for whatever reason, please ensure that you speak with the adult volunteer who keeps the session register. This is so that we can account for every child in our care
  • Should you wish to discuss any matter regarding your child with a coach, please could we ask that this is done before or after the session
  • Prompt payment of annual membership subs and tournament/match fees on the day of the event is a Club requirement. This will help with the Club’s cashflow
  • Please ensure that we hold up-to-date emergency contact, medical details and key consents. To update these details, please update these in your child’s Pitchero account.
  • Once your child has made a commitment to play in a team, please try to check the team’s fixtures and try to prioritise domestic events to avoid clashes
  • When your child is selected to represent the Club at tournament or match, they are selected into the team squad and not to play in a set position. The rules of hockey allow for roll-on/roll-off substitutions and, with this in mind, it is our policy to give players experience at playing in all positions during a tournament
  • After-match teas are a important part of playing for a senior team. All players are expected to attend teas to socialise with their team mates and when playing at home, to host the opposition.
  • The Club holds Public Liability insurance. Parents may wish to take out Personal accident insurance for their child as they see fit. If you wish to consider this, please contact a reputable insurance company or broker.
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