Advice to Visiting Teams

A very warm welcome to all visiting teams!

IMPORTANT: our Club plays its games at two venues, 20 mins drive apart: Ottery Leisure Centre and Sidmouth Leisure Centre. Check the table of home fixtures at the bottom of this page for details of playing venues and teas locations.

We look forward to your team(s) visiting us at either Ottery or Sidmouth.

Our home fixtures

We strongly advise that all visiting team captains always consult the GMS or West Hockey website page for up-to-date and accurate information about upcoming league fixtures; it is our responsibility to ensure that the details for SOHC home games are checked and updated as necessary.

General advice to visiting teams/umpires

For info on any remaining Covid-19 restrictions page: 

Venue locations: we use pitches at Ottery St Mary (EX11 1QW) and Sidmouth (EX10 9LH) Leisure Centres. Ottery Leisure Centre is still sometimes referred to as Colin Tooze SC (its old name). Please make sure you have the correct venue! It takes about 20 mins to drive from one venue to the other.

Find us. Please check out the car parking info, taking note especially of current parking restrictions at our Sidmouth venue. For Ottery St Mary, please avoid using the small fence-enclosed parking area (the first one you reach on the left in Cadhay Lane ) – better to continue a further 80m north along Cadhay Lane to the find the main Car Park entrance on the left. 

Our Team Colours: Black shirts with minor green/orange trim, Black shorts, Black socks. In accordance with the West’s League rule 10.2.3,  “… if 10.2.3 if teams’ shirts’ and/or socks’ colours clash then the away team must wear alternative colours”.

Umpires: we will normally provide two (they may occasionally be Area appointed umpires).

Post-Match refreshments: The Volunteer Inn in Ottery St Mary (EX11 1BZ). The Balfour Arms, in Sidmouth (EX10 9UZ). Please check with the SOHC captain on the day.

See   for details.

IMPORTANT – Post Match Teas: you must tell us if your team opts not to takes teas. The League Regulations (section 6.6.2) state “Away team must confirm if they do not wish to receive any offered hospitality by 2000 hrs on the Wednesday prior to the match. Away team is liable for any costs incurred if they notify they do not require hospitality after this time or if it is not taken on the day”.

Changing Rooms, Toilets & hand-washing facilities will be available

(updated 13 Mar 2023)

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