Covid-19 Code of behaviour

Covid-19 is a highly infectious and dangerous disease. This Code will guide you as you prepare to play at home, during and after the game.

 At home

  • Covid-19 Playing shirt – be clear on your options, change at home
  • Bring hand sanitiser and wipes for your personal use
  • Self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms – if you have symptoms contact the NHS for a test and advise the Club’s Covid-19 officer and your captain.

Before play

  • Follow England Hockey’s advice on safe travel to your training/game
  • Maintain 2m physical distancing when preparing to play
  • Be responsible for your own kit – do not touch anyone else’s
  • Follow the facility’s rules when accessing indoor spaces, i.e. toilets
  • Social distance in max sized groups of x6 when warming up/preparing to play
  • Sanitise your hands during breaks.

During play

  • During training, avoid running exercises that involve overly repetitive close contact between players.
  • Respect your opposition and umpires
  • Maintain social distancing at game start, in team huddles, at breakdowns in play and at half-time
  • Take Penalty Corners and Free-hits around the “D” promptly
  • Do not touch the ball – use your stick/GK equipment
  • Use your own protective equipment marked with your name and/or disinfect before use (e.g. facemasks). Masks are not to be shared
  • Keep your gum-shield in your mouth during the game
  • Do not share equipment – including protective face masks at Penalty Corners
  • Avoid shouting excessively and spitting
  • Goal celebrations – no shaking hands with other players or close contact – bump elbows/sticks.

After play

  • Pay your match fee using contact-less payment – a debit/credit card is required – no cash will be accepted
  • Maintain social distancing after the match and at tea
  • Wash and/or clean your kit carefully & leave your equipment for at least 72 hours
  • Follow England Hockey’s advice on safe travel from training/games

DISCLAIMER: This guidance is for general information only and does not constitute legal advice, nor it is a replacement for such, nor does it replace any Government or PHE advice; nor does it provide any specific commentary or advice on health-related issues. Affected organisations should therefore ensure that they seek independent advice from medical practitioners, or healthcare providers, prior to implementing any re-opening plan, as required. Independent legal advice should be sought, as required and depending on your, or relevant circumstances. While efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time of publication, the reader is reminded to check England Hockey’s website to obtain the most up-to date Covid-19 related information.

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