Club AGM – Mon 15th June (online)

2020 CLUB AGM TO GO AHEAD ONLINE – Mon 15th June.

Our world has changed, but we still need an AGM!

With social distancing, staying at home and no gatherings we have had to think about how we hold our AGM this year. We have decided not to wait, but to try and finish last season’s activities now so we can focus on getting the new season up and running as and when we are able.

This year our AGM is going online! No need for travelling to a venue or babysitters. Just switch on, sit down, grab a beverage of your choice and we’re away.

Please try and make every effort to attend. We need 20 people to hold the AGM, which we didn’t make at the first attempt last year. The meeting is open to ALL members including Student and Junior members. Also, just to remind you that parents/guardians of members in the Junior membership category (that’s anyone U16 not playing senior hockey) can exercise a proxy vote on behalf of their child.

The AGM is on Monday 15th June 2020, on ZOOM the meeting will open at 19:20 to let everyone in and check it’s working. The meeting will start at 19:30.

The link to join the meeting has already been made available to all Club Members with a guide on how to use ZOOM.

For the agenda for this meeting, we have changed the running order but not the content of the meeting so we get the voting matters done first. The reports from Treasurer, Chairman, Playing and Junior Committees and any changes to the Constitution will be circulated for you to read about a week before the meeting. The Treasurer’s report will be part of the main agenda, the remainder will be dealt with by exception.

If there are any changes to the Club’s constitution you wish to propose or there is any business you wish to raise which is not covered by the items on the agenda please e-mail the topic to Karen Dutton on no later than Monday 1st June 2020.

The AGM is an opportunity for everyone from across the Club to come together albeit virtually, perhaps even more so now, and most importantly for you to have your say. Please e-mail me at to let me know whether you can or cannot attend (I need to ask this as, in the unlikely event of more than 100 members wanting to attend, I will need to upgrade my Zoom account!)
Karen Dutton

Club Secretary, Sidmouth & Ottery Hockey Club

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